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Did You Know?

The word “Durango” originates from the Basque word "Urango" meaning "water town."

Durango has two sister cities, Durango, Mexico and Durango, Spain.

In 1992, Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Ignacio became the first American Indian to serve in the U.S. Senate in more than sixty years.

The Animas Museum is housed in the historic 1904 Animas City School. Through the exhibits, programs, photo archives and research library you will be transported back to Durango’s early days.

The 1, 120-mile Spanish Trail connected the Southwest to southern California. It traversed six states – NM, CO, UT, AZ, NV and CA. In Colorado the trail passed through or near Ignacio, Durango, Dolores and Dove Creek.

Heads it’s Bayfield, tails it’s Schillerville! A coin toss determined whether Mr. Bay or Mr. Schiller would get to name the new town. Mr. Bay won and in 1906 the town of Bayfield was incorporated.

In 1891, Estelle Camp served on the Board of Directors for First National Bank. Later she helped initiate the founding of Mesa Verde as a National Park.

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