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First National Bank of Durango

Schedule of Fees


Schedule of Fees
Effective as of 08/28/2017
Electronic Banking
Online Banking
Online Bill Pay
Mobile Banking Free
Mobile Deposit - Consumer Free
Mobile Deposit - Business (per item deposited) $0.75
Bank-to-Bank Transfer (per transfer) $2.00
ATM/Debit Cards
Debit Card
Replace ATM Card or Debit Card
Debit Card Rush Order
ATM Charges
Foreign Transaction - using a non-First National Bank of Durango machine. Note: this is in addition to any fee charged by the institution owning the machine.
Return Deposit Item Fee (per item) $5.00
Dormant Service Fee (per month)** $15.00
Returned Item Fee(s) (per item)*
Overdraft Fee(s) (per item)*
Overdraft Fee(s) (per item) (Bounce Protection)*
Daily Overdraft Fee (per day)
Stop Payment - initial order and renewals (each)
Early Account Closing Fee - closed within 6 months after opening
Check Copy/Image (per page) 
Statements of Check Images (faxed) 
Statement Reprint (account statement printed off-cycle)
Account History (off cycle) (per page)
Temporary Checks (per page)
Ready Reserve Line of Credit (annual fee)
Special Handling Fee for Returned Mail (per month)
Electronic Transfers
Sweep (Automatic Funds Transfer) (per transfer)
Sweep Setup Fee (Automatic Funds Transfer) Free
Electronic Funds Transfer to/from Other Banks (per transfer)
Incoming Wire Fee - Domestic and International (per wire) $5.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire or Transfer Fee - Consumer/ Business (per wire)
Outgoing International Wire or ACH Transfer Fee - Business (per wire/ACH) $55.00
Outgoing International Wire or ACH Transfer Fee - Consumer (per wire/ACH)
Special Services
Research & Account Reconciliation ($30.00 per hour, minimum $30.00)
Telephone Transfer by Bank Staff Free
Incoming or Outgoing Collections (per item) $25.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing $65.00
Foreign Draft (per draft) $20.00
Foreign Item Collection $35.00
Cashier's Check $5.00
Money Order $4.00
Notary Service on Behalf of First National Bank of Durango Client Free
Notary Service on Behalf of Non-Client (per stamp) $5.00
IRA and HSA Annual Maintenance Fee (per plan) $10.00
Fax/Photocopies - up to 5 pages Free
Fax/photocopies - 6 pages or more (max 20 pages) $2.00
Letter of Gaurantee $50.00
Safe Deposit Box - Annual Fee
3" x 5" $40.00
3.5" x 5" $45.00
5" x 5"  $50.00
3" x 10.5" $60.00
5" x 10.5" $85.00
10" x 10.5" $115.00
10" x 15.5" $140.00
Loss of One Safe Deposit Box Key (new keys reissued)


Loss of Two Safe Deposit Box Keys (box drill required) $175.00
Scheduled box drill cancellation
(if less than one business day notice)

* Overdrawing your account:
In the event the current balance at the end of the business day is or would be overdrawn $10.01 or greater, an Overdraft Fee(s) (per item) and/or Returned Item Fee(s) (per item) of $35.00 may be assessed. An overdraft fee of $35.00 will be charged per item for covering overdrafts created by check or draft, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.

**Dormant Terms per Account Type:
    - Checking dormancy after 12 months of inactivity.
    - Savings dormancy after 18 months of inactivity.